Company profile

  Founded in 2001, with nearly 20 years development, Qidong Shinetidy hot melt adhesive co.,ltd  has become the leading manufacturer in the field of copolyamide and copolyester hot melt adhesives in the world.  

As the parent company of Qidong Mingding hot melt adhesive film and Qidong Deity Interlining Co.,Ltd,  Qidong Shinetidy hot melt adhesive has already become the best choice of some leading manufactures in technical textile, non woven, paper, leather etc materials used for bonding the coating and conformation. Our hot melt adhesive is also widely used in interlining, automotive, garment, filter, shoes making, transfer printing etc kinds of industries.

Our aim is to and sustain our corporate value through growth and innovation. We act accordance with the principle of sustainable development. We provide not only our high quality products and cordial service to our clients but also focus on innovation, environment protection to become a conscientious enterprise to our society. 



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